About Red Carpet Stylist

red carpetWhen you know it, share it!  That’s the motto here at Red Carpet Stylist.  I’ve written for magazines like Elevate, Canadian Living, Homemakers, and the RestauranTour and I devour fashion mags like it’s going out of style…though I’m certain it’s not! As a published lifestyle and fashion writer, as well as an admitted fashionphile, I just can’t get enough of this stuff!  My friends and family constantly bug me for style advice, ask me where to shop and how to get the right look for the right occasion.

So I want to share my devotion for all things stylish with you! Red Carpet Stylist is all about customizing looks that work for you, whatever your big event.  It can be a gala evening or that big meeting that’s coming up with clients.  Whatever your need, we will customize a look that’s suited to who you are and most importantly, who you want to become.  Who’s style do you admire?  We can stylize an outfit or a wardrobe that brings out your inner Angelina, Reese or Julia.

It’s time for fashion to step up to your standards and function seamlessly in your life.  Packages for virtual styling available, too.  We can do it all online!

Let’s have some fun!  Contact me at diana.kowal@gmail.com for more information and pricing.