Does a BODHI Good

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A catalogue for handbags flew into my email inbox this morning, preceded by the words “You have to check these out — I’m totally addicted!” written by my sister.  With the sigh that usually accompanies such email messages from said sister (you see, they can either be completely chic, amazing selections from eBay or the like, OR they are ridiculous exercises of designers saying, ‘watch what I can sell as a complete practical joke’), I opened up the e-catalogue.  I have to admit, there was certainly something unique, quirky and very stylish about these pieces.  They are divided up into tactile categories, based on the texture of the handbag.  The collections are named Geo, Pebble, Suede, Textured and Holiday.  The winner in my books, and clearly my sibling’s as well, was the black pony hair Safety Pin clutch, which is both chic and witty in the same breath.  These little gems are the design child of Joseph Janus, who revived the JNCO Jean Company and just recently launched this line of luxury handbags.  See for yourself, and check out the website and the catalogue here:

'Tis the Season for Victoria's Secret

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Jingle bells and deck the halls is all just fine and good, but nothing denotes the holiday season to me like watching the annual extravaganza of sparkles, skin and lingerie that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! It airs on December 1st on CBS at 10pm central and with talk of a triangular runway, Black Eyed Peas performances and lots and lots and lots of set design and fabulous “costumes” (if you can call them that!) it promises to be outstanding! I’m also interested to see who will be onstage, since our lovely VS spokeswoman, Heidi Klum is pregnant and due shortly, as is fellow VS alum Adriana Lima. I’m sure the place will be filled with lovelies and their devoted admirers. This truly is a spectacle and quite honestly, the most expensive “fashion show” of all time. If not for anything else, you’ve got to admire their gusto and ability to do so much with so very little!

Trump This!

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When I hear the name Trump, I immediately think of over-decadence, ornate gold sculptures and impressive real estate holdings.  I think of The Donald and his big red ties, I think of Ivana and her big-blond hair, and I think of Melania with her big, well, you get the idea.  But when I heard of Ivanka Trump’s wedding that took place on October 25th, I knew that she would be polished, poised and absolutely lovely.  Having commissioned her dress from the master of bridal and understated elegance, Vera Wang,  Ivanka looked exquisite.  Sure, it doesn’t hurt that she is a beauty to begin with, but she looked so very Grace Kelly as she said her vows that you almost forget what her family is known for.  Over the past few years, Ivanka has really found success in fashion with her own line of jewelery that has commanded respect for her knowledge of what’s chic and what women (if they can afford it) would love to wear.  But let’s put business aside and wish the lovely ( and formerly) Miss Trump our heartfelt congratulations on choosing a gorgeous dress!  The husband?  Well, I suppose that was a good choice too..