Trump This!


When I hear the name Trump, I immediately think of over-decadence, ornate gold sculptures and impressive real estate holdings.  I think of The Donald and his big red ties, I think of Ivana and her big-blond hair, and I think of Melania with her big, well, you get the idea.  But when I heard of Ivanka Trump’s wedding that took place on October 25th, I knew that she would be polished, poised and absolutely lovely.  Having commissioned her dress from the master of bridal and understated elegance, Vera Wang,  Ivanka looked exquisite.  Sure, it doesn’t hurt that she is a beauty to begin with, but she looked so very Grace Kelly as she said her vows that you almost forget what her family is known for.  Over the past few years, Ivanka has really found success in fashion with her own line of jewelery that has commanded respect for her knowledge of what’s chic and what women (if they can afford it) would love to wear.  But let’s put business aside and wish the lovely ( and formerly) Miss Trump our heartfelt congratulations on choosing a gorgeous dress!  The husband?  Well, I suppose that was a good choice too..

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