Scarfalicious at Club Monaco

cm_scarf_saleThe weather is erratic in Canada to say the least, but the one thing every Canuck girl and boy knows well is the importance of two things in the cool-season:  Layering clothes and Scarves!  Well, come to think of it, I guess it’s really one thing, since the addition of a scarf to your outfit certainly counts as layering.  Wrap them up around your face for a super-cozy and chic look, or leave ‘em long and loose for a Parisian “I just threw this on” look.  Summer or winter, you really can’t go wrong, not to mention the level of polish that a simple scarf can add.  One of my favourite tricks to spruce up an old handbag is tie a contrasting colour scarf, tied neatly to the handle.  This trick, I must admit, I learned from watching Audrey Hepburn.  She was always the epitome of chic, and the scarf would be tied around her handbag just in case she was suddenly invited for a ride in a fabulous convertible car, or needed to go for an afternoon bicycle ride.  Sigh.  Those were the days.  But I digress.  The point here, folks, is that this weekend only, Club Monaco stores are offering you $10 off any scarf in the store!  Now that is good news.  Now, if only we can convince Hermes to put their scarves on sale — and for more than $10 off — we’ll really be on to something.  In the meantime, we’ll take the clever little prints and checks from our friends at Club Monaco.  And remember, all students get an additional 20% in store with a valid student ID.  Now that’s what I call smart!

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