Wading into Fashion at Prada

prada3Ok, so…everyone has heard by now about the whole over-the-knee boot rage that is sooo Fall 09.  And it can work on a multitude of levels.  For example, the nearly-flat, black leather, Captain-Hook type boots are a great way to spice up your skinny jeans and give your casual look some oomph.  I did, however, have the misfortune of seeing a woman wear these boots with an impossibly high-heel, coupled with a very tight sweater. I winced immediately, but then I gave her due props for a moment or two for trying to incorporate the new trend successfully.  Unfortunately for her, it didn’t work.  You can’t sex up your whole outfit, or you hazard looking, well, like a working girl.  The whole high-boot trend actually comes from a reverence for 80′s style that we’ve seen for a few seasons, and these boots are giving a quirky little nod to Pretty Woman.  You don’t want to take this trend (as you shouldn’t with most) as literally — we all love Julia in that movie, but few of us actually hold our dresses together with safety pins ( I hope!).  So the key to wearing these boots isn’t hard, you just need to keep the rest of your look super-breezy and casual, and leave all the sex appeal to the boots, since they have oodles.  There is one pair of boots, however, that was the subject of much debate and discussion: the Prada hip-waders.  Muccia has always had a bit of fun playing with subtext when it comes to women’s sexuality in her designs, and did so again with these puppies.  Coming halfway up the thigh, and with optional waist belt to help keep them up, Prada’s boots are made in the softest leather, but made to appear rubber like the practical ones fishermen don.  The skyscraper heels make these boots the exact opposite of practical, as does the fact that you’re not supposed to get them wet!  As a comment on women’s need to be tough in the world today, we applaud you, Prada.  As wearable and long term functionality, though, we think you might need a slight reality check.   They sort of remind me of a suede bikini I once saw in a Victoria’s Secret catalogue.  The model was wearing it to disembark from her helicopter, and below her feet, the text read: “Not for use in sunlight, do not wet.”  I totally get that most fashion items aren’t practical, and therein lies the fun!  So here I shrug and simply concede that some things are just meant to be strange, I suppose.  Now I’m waiting for someone to show a couture construction hardhat…now that would be hot!

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