Lindsay Lohan at Ungaro Creates Some "Mean Girls"

lohan at Ungaro SS10LiLo, or Lindsay Lohan, gained the title of Enfant Terrible this past weekend in Paris, and not in a good way.  You know, the way Jean Paul Gautier was called that for his terribly chic and unique design sensibilities?  No, this was a disastrous mis-calculation on the part of the Emanuel Ungaro label. They appointed Lohan as Creative Director for the label, and  I’m guessing they were hoping for a little more street credibility for their usually classic and elegant evening gowns and demure ensembles.  Unfortunately, what they got was more of Lohan’s own style of dressing, which included lots of leggings and dresses so short that some said they would invite paparazzi crotch shots.  All this, mind you, without showing a single evening gown that would, at very least, balance the awkward looks coming down the runway.  Apparently, the newly appointed creative director of the label (La Lohan herself) appeared at a local Parisian haunt not long after the backlash looking rather unaffected by the responses to the collection.  Wonder what Ungaro plans to do for next season?  Will Paris Hilton soon have a job with the label too?  Let’s hope this was all just a case of Freaky Friday and all will return the way it was come Fall/Winter 2010.

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