McQueen’s Right Hand Takes Over

After the tragic suicide of Alexander McQueen and a label with its popularity growing at an astounding rate, executives from Gucci group wondered how to even attempt to put the right person at the helm of the label.  Enter Sarah Burton, who worked very closely with McQueen for years and worked as head of womenswear at the label since 2000.  She even completed McQueen’s Fall 2010 collection just after his death, proving without a doubt that she is the right woman for the job.  Bringing in some flashy designer with his/her own aesthetics never really seemed quite right, so this decision to promote within the McQueen ranks seems to be a stroke of genius.  While the execs aren’t telling us what we can expect in the upcoming collections, the entire fashion world will anxiously wait another four months to see the work of Burton in the Spring 2011 collection.  There’s a certain part of me that is desperately rooting for Burton — wouldn’t it be something to see someone who knew McQueen’s inspirations and styles so well be the one to continue on his legacy?  I think Lee would be pleased.

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