Oscar, Marchesa, Valentino…Oh My!

Yes, folks, it was a veritable fashion safari at the premiere of Valentine’s Day in L.A. recently.  The movie boasts a star-studded cast which only means that the movie must be as terrible as the reviews seem to say.  However, there is a silver lining on that little cloud, my friends — the dresses were fab!

We love Jessica Biel and her style, no matter where she is — promoting a new film or gliding alongside BF Justin Timberlake — but here she really swung for the fences.  This frothy red and white and chic-all-over Oscar de la Renta gown was not only a beautiful choice for her, but she gets extra points for going thematic for Vday and the film!

Flanked by Anne Hathaway in a gorgeous, although a bit too short for her very light, wintery skin, feathered Marchesa dress and Jennifer Garner looking perfect in leather and lace Valentino, the trio really made a fashion statement.

When stars dress this well for the film premieres, you know that Oscar dresses are just around the corner!

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