H&M to Launch Online Shopping

Hallelujah!  It won’t happen for another year or so, but the mere thought of being able to shop H&M online sounds heavenly to us!  Why, you ask?  Isn’t it just the same as any other online retailer?  Well, no, my friends, and here’s why: 1. not all retail locations carry the same merch.  For example, only a select few carry the swimwear line or other special holiday or summer garments.  2.  And this is the most important one…we can finally buy the big designer colabs without going to wait in line at 4am!  Yes, you’ll likely spend all day in front of your computer, but at least you can do it in your silk pajamas.  So there…now you know why it’s such a coup for those of us who love those kooky Europeans at H&M!

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