Denim Diaper is “Full of Chic”

I\’ve Got Chic in My Pants – Huggies Commercial

Huggies has introduced a limited-edition denim looking diaper with a commercial that has shocked some and impressed many.   The commercial shows a baby strutting through a busy square while the voice over announces that “My diaper is full of chic”, and “When I do number two, I look like number one.”  Personally, this is the most humourous commercial I’ve seen in a very long time and think that with all the ridiculous things we can purchase for our babies, at least this one can effortlessly show off a parent’s great sense of humour.  Keep in mind, folks, that this is after the release of the David Beckham-Armani-looking diaper in Japan not long ago.   You must watch this commercial and have yourself a good chuckle…

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