Ugg Choo — Gesundheit!

Yep, that’s right folks!  Jimmy Choo’s Tamara Mellon has agreed to design a capsule collection of Jimmy Choo for Ugg Australia boots!  She said that Uggs are the only other type of footwear found in her closet, so why not design for them?  Well, Tamara, I have to agree!  I go exclusively from high-end high heels right into the pillowy, cloud-like comfort of my Uggs all the time!  I’m really hoping that they have a real Jimmy Choo edge to them…complete with a Mad Max-esque toughness, complete with grommets, straps and spikes!  Oh glorious day!  That would be fantastiche!  Sadly, we’ll all have to wait until next October to see the goods, and from what we hear, they’re going to cost anywhere between $595 and $795 per pair.  Sigh. But just think: you can completely justify them as the most comfortable Choos you’ve ever bought!  Surely that would be worth the cost…no?

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