Happy Miu Year!

A new year has rung (ding!)and upon checking into my oh-so-daily habit on Style.com, I see these stunners!  Every girl worth her four inches of salt knows that these little puppies are perfect for celebrating in — then maintaining the charm all year round. These Miu Miu Embellished mules are just too cute to pass up, and let’s face it: even if you don’t buy them, just looking at them can brighten up a dreary January day. You can still see the little marks left by my nose pressed against the glass of David’s on Bloor Street as I wistfully admired them.  Like a small puppy in a pet store window, they certainly make you wish you could give them a good home.  For now, I keep them longingly in my mind, rotating them virtually through each outfit I own, imagining the fun we would have in Santorini or Madrid.  It would be far more therapeutic to don them…even if just around the store for a while — at least until the snow seeps away…sigh.

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